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Have you really considered what would happen to your mortgage, possessions, assets, and retirement if you became Critically Ill, Had s severe Accident, and could not work for 6-12-18 months or longer?

Fact: Did you know most homes that are taken by Foreclosure are illness or money-related. In fact, in the last 10 years, more homes have been lost to foreclosure due to a serious medical condition that people did not die from - but instead, lived through recovery but lost their income, their benefits, their 401-K, their savings, and are on some type of government aid - just to survive.

We Can Protect ALL Your Assets NOW and in the Future. This Bold Statement and article is probably the most important Read of the day.

When you are Critically Ill or Severely Injured, and you do not Die; Your Income as you know it - Stops. Your Hopes and Dreams may turn into doubts and fears. But, we can help pay your bills while you are living, while protecting your mortgage and your future equity.

Ask about our 50/50 Living Benefit Plan to save you the most and cover your assets with the best coverage.

If you were to Die Prematurely, we can continue to help Your Family just like we helped you, so they do not have to worry about bills, losing the family home, and most importantly - they do not lose a lifetime of earnings you set aside for your golden years or growing equity in your home.

We can help you build the right plan for you and your whole family so they will NOT Lose Your Increasing Assets. Can You Guarantee You Will Achieve ALL Your Financial Goals in Life? Maybe not, but We Can Help reach most of them and at a very affordable price.

Ensuring that you and or your family can protect and/replace your lifetime income, continue to pay all your bills, pay for education, and never worry about selling or losing the family home to foreclosure, will give you peace of mind and confidence that you have truly protected all of your increasing assets and financial goals in life.

We can help you protect them all for just pennies on the dollar. Everyone is amazed at what we can do for them.

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Hesitating is the Number 1 Reason people lose everything when they are seriously sick or injured and do not die.

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Mortgage Loan & Equity Protection Insurance

Critical Illnesses and Chronic Health conditions may entitle you to certain policy benefits, which can help cover housing payments and prevent foreclosure. On average, about 50% of residential property foreclosures are due to major illnesses, disabilities & accidents — significantly higher than the 10% estimated to result from unexpected deaths. Regular Lie Insurance would not help save your home from foreclosure if you do not die. Living Benefits Mortgage Life Insurance will pay you a portion of your death benefits directly to you while you are living if you do not die from a tragic illness or accident. Contact-Us Today for complete information.


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Retirement Planning Protection

We should always ensure increasing assets. How? By ensuring that continued contributions can be made to your retirement account, even when you are not able to make them yourself. Like when extra money is used to pay expenses for Chronic or Critical Illnesses, Major Accidents, or Surgery. There are very few guarantees in life, but for just pennies on the dollar, you are assured you will be close.


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Estate Protection

Throughout one's life, your estate worth will grow exponentially as equity naturally compounds in the combined values of one's home, retirement plan, and other financial assets. In your silver years, you will want guaranteed income and fun money to travel and play and enjoy all your free time. Ensuring your estate transfers to your loved ones with a Living Trust is just as important.


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Who We Are

We are your risk mitigation team. Our goal is to partner with you and help you to protect your assets and capital investments in the most effective way possible, no matter what curveballs life may throw in your direction.

At New Generations Financial, we operate and provide services to clients throughout the United States by using a catered, individualized methodology to assess every person's particular lifestyle and specific financial situation.

We specialize in determining where you may be suffering from gaps in protection or inadequate coverage in your current insurance plans, and we propose a more secure, reliable solution.

These cost-effective solutions can satisfy your Mortgage Pay-off and Guarantee your Equity is there for you when you need it most.

These solutions can also insure your Retirement goals are met too and help build your Estate Worth and give you the peace of mind you deserve and need to enjoy a prosperous and fun lifestyle for you and protect your legacy for many years to come for your family.

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